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My name is Lorena and Erre is not my real last name.

I am adventurous, sensitive, passionate, fighter, restless ... and a wedding photographer.


I like to capture everyday things without intervening in them: the first time you see each other, the watery eyes as you get closer, the smiles, the nerves, the kisses, the dances ...


I like different weddings, carefree, without protocols, intense, fun, authentic weddings where you feel so much that you can even touch and especially weddings where they want me to tell them.


You cannot imagine the power that photography has: to capture unique moments and make them eternal so that you can enjoy them over and over and over again.

I like things well done so I will get involved with you as much as I would like you to get involved with me on my wedding day: well-cared photographs, perfectly edited and in the highest possible quality. I am not going to miss any details.


I have been dedicating myself to wedding photography for 6 years and although I am from Valencia at this time I have been lucky enough to be able to travel to places like Turkey and the Dominican Republic to immortalize other love stories. I like challenges, traveling and meeting people, so I will go where I can tell yours.

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